Thank you to all of our Community Partners for a record- breaking day!





Hay PC/Communications Co. of South Bend Partner                                        Lincoln PC/Better World Books Partner


Brown IC/South Bend Medical Foundation Partner                                                  Coquillard PC/South Bend Airport Partner





  Best Team Spirit-Primary Champions 1st Year

    Hamilton Trad/Laven Ins. & N.D. Men's Lacrosse Partner                                                  Adams H.S./Hollady Prop Serv/IN Trust Mgmt Co. Partner






















Thank you to all of our 2011 Pullers, Sponsors and Community Faire Participants!

Even a little rain could not dampen the spirits of our school teams! Thank you for a great day for education. Save the date 9-29-12!



Double Bracket:      The second floor of the Crowe Horwath 330 building adopted seven families from Jefferson Traditional School for the 2011 Holiday season.  Within those seven families we were able to purchase all of the “wish list items” for thirty-two individuals, comprising of twenty-three children ages spanning from fifteen to newborn, and 9 parents and / or guardians.      In addition to the gifts that were purchased, we were able to provide each family with a $30 gift card to Martin’s Supermarkets.  The schools, as well as the families, were extremely appreciative of the donations, time and effort that we put into providing each of the families with a Happy Holiday. Thank you to Crowe Horwath for supporting Jefferson!















Pictures of the volunteers at the book selection at Better World Books:


Bob Lewis getting "into" the task!  Board Member Fred Dean selecting books for the schools


    Adams, Clay, Riley & Washington After School Program Directors

    were pleased to received the donations from Barnes & Noble


"Our Towne Truck Pull"  Pulling Together for South Bend Schools!

                                  Pulling Instructions (click here)


    Event Photos will be updated daily:                                          

Notre Dame Women's Basketball Team - Final Four Sponsors (Go Muffet & Tricia!)

 All the President's Men:  



 Better World Books:  Thank you for participating again!


 C.B.R.E. (with a little help from the Notre Dame Men's Rugby Team!)

 The "Supers" - Brookshire Construction - Thank you for year two!

 State Farm Insurance "Good Neighbors Team"  with help of their Mascot-thanks for year two!


LaSalle Intermediate "Lion's Pride" - Team Spirit and Fast Pull Team 2010  - A Fitting and

 Beautiful Tribute to Honor Mary Jo Kaser


  MADFATS - "We Pulled the Pin right out!!" ~Fred Dean 2nd year Senior Division Winners

 Notre Dame Men's Rugby - Team TEAM HUGE - Men's Division Winners

  Saint Joseph Regional - Blue Brutes - Great 1st time out!



 Towne Pirates - Top Fundraising Team - Winner of Hacienda Team Meal -

Laidig - Tugboats:  

  Pinnicle - Thank you for the 2nd year! - A VERY close 2nd - wait until next year!  

  Silver Streaks -  WOMEN POWER!


  Towne Heros


  Towne Villians


  Towne Jocks


Help to raise funds for reading programs in South Bend Public Schools while

building team spirit! 

To Donate:   


Events & News:  (Click on Underlined Items for More Information)

 April 28th, 2011 - Great Friends of School Luncheon with Dr. John Medina author of

"Brain Rules - 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School"



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Today's Readers...Tomorrow's Leaders

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Board of Directors Strategic Plan Retreat "Hit One Out of the Ballpark"

The Board of Directors met on August 28th at the Cove to brainstorm and kick off the next Strategic Planning process.  The members

of the board of directors along with members from the South Bend Trustees, Superintendent, & PTO representative met to discuss

the goals in teams.  Each team took a name and got down to business.  Here are some photos from the first meeting.  Check back for the plan coming soon.