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Create A Classroom Wishlist

Indiana teachers on average spend $460 annually out of their own pocket for students' supplies and enhancing their classroom experience. Our foundation recognizes this, and many of our community members want to help, but don't know how. SBCSC teachers can create a wish-list of items needed/wanted (under $300). Once approved by your school's principal, we will post your wish-list under our how-to-help tab. Please note that lists are asked to be as specific as possible by including links, brands, and quantity of items to ensure proper calculation of the amount requested. In the case that your request is for items larger than $300, please consider applying for our 2022-2023 teacher grants instead.

Create a Teacher Wishlist
(if applicable)
Please include # of items, individual cost, shipping+handling OR provide link to item
Please include total cost + any shipping+handling costs
How many children (unduplicated count) will benefit and how? Please be detailed on how this will impact the students and/or the school
please attach a link above to a clear photo of what is to be purchased

All wish lists will be sent to principals for approval