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Principal Grants

Who can apply?

Principal grants are available to building administrators in SBCSC (including the Empowerment Zone Schools) in the 2021-2022 academic year (or are employed by SBCSC and partner with a SBCSC certified professional  in the academic year)

You have an idea that can enhance student learning building  that aligns directly to Indiana K-12 Academic Standards.

You need up to $1,000 for this project

You have a plan to track the impact of this project on student learning and will be able to share this information at the conclusion of the project.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of five (5) $1,000 grants available. Grants cannot be combined, and only $1,000 will be awarded to each school per year. Principal Grants cannot be used for Professional Development. Grants cannot be used for faculty/staff stipends or compensation.

Applications for 2021-2022 are now closed, thank you to all that applied! Check back in late fall when applications for the 2022-2023 school year open.

How are Principal Grant applications scored? Click on Rubric for details


Questions on Application/Information requested

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Are you the Principal?
  • If no, please fill in the Principal's name here:
  • Principal's email address:
  • School Name
  • If Other, please fill in your school or building name here:
  • What type of grant are you applying for?
  • If you have additional team members you would like to include, please add their contact information here.
  • Click the plus sign to start adding team members!
  • Project Title
  • Focus of the Project
  • If you selected "Other", please explain:
  • Does your project more closely align with Academic Standards or School Improvement Goals?
  • Academic Content Area
  • Indiana Academic Standards or Improvement Priorities Addressed
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Any additional goals addressed:
  • Approximate number of students who will benefit
  • Project Start Date
  • Project End Date
  • Does your project involve technology?
  • Is parent/guardian approval needed?
  • I am aware of South Bend policies and will ensure that they are followed.
  • You will need verification from Patrick Stalvey for all technology grant requests.
  • Does your project involve installation?
  • You will need verification from Mike Szymanski
  • Briefly describe the proposed project. Include how it will be tied to the Indiana Academic Standards and/or School Improvement Goal to the priorities established by your School Improvement Plan
  • Indiana Academic Standard or School Improvement Goal
  • Anticipated Measurable Outcomes
  • How will you measure this?
  • Other anticipated outcomes that may not be measurable
  • Could this project be replicated in other locations?
  • If yes, how could this be done?
  • Outline ways that your project might help raise the profile of the South Bend Education Foundation.
  • Please upload your budget document here:
  • Please enter your total budget / grant request amount
  • Please upload supplemental budget documentation here
  • Please enter the contact information for Brandon White who will be reviewing and verifying all Principal grant applications.
  • An email from Kaleidoscope will automatically go out to Brandon upon your entry of his information. Brandon's contact information is below:
  • Brandon White