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Great Friends of Schools Breakfast

What We Do

Great Friends of Schools Breakfast

We are very proud of this annual event which has allowed us to bring fascinating speakers such as: Dr. Michele BorbaSalome Thomas-EL, and Jamie Vollmer.

It is with much regret that we had to cancel our TCU Great Friends of Schools Breakfast this year due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to all those who sponsored, donated, and bought tickets. We are looking forward to hosting the event on TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2021.  We will be at Palais Royale, and we are excited to have Jamie Vollmer return, and speak further about community engagement in our schools.

2020-2021 Grant Recipients were:

  • Mark Tulchinsky Grant

    Tracy Zahl - Clay High School

  • Marjorie Wilson Grant

    Kelly Broadstreet - Marshall Traditional School

  • Kurt Simon Grant

    Tracy Slattery - Clay International Academy

  • James Metz Grant

    Candi Carlson - Kennedy Academy

  • General Teacher Grant

    Joseph Terrill - Washington High School

  • Maritza Robles Grant

    Elizabeth Pennino - Lincoln Elementary School

  • Karen Schirmer Grant

    Chloe Woggen - Nuner Fine Arts

  • Patricia Tollens Grant

    Edorada Perez - LaSalle Academy

  • Casper Warner Grant

    Angelica Nagy - Monroe Primary

  • Roland Kelly Grant

    Karen Payton - Marshall Traditional

  • Bob and Peg Laven Grant

    Pam Wright - Darden Elementary

  • Fred and Ann Dean Grant

    Holly Swartz - Kennedy Academy

  • Nancy Bartels Grant

    Wendy Hartman/Jene Hartman - Clay High School

  • Bauer Early Childhood Grant

    Nichole Blake/Lindsey Walsh/Ellen Potter - Swanson Traditional

  • James Wilson Grant

    Carrie Meeks - Marquette Montessori

  • David Hendrix Grant

    Lesley Tompsett - Nuner Fine Arts

  • Don & Peggy Claeys Grant

    Christina Miller - Marquette Montessori

  • Bauer Early Childhood Grant

    Emily Beier - Nuner Fine Arts

  • M. Mendel Piser Grant

    Kelsey Dwyer - Kennedy Academy

  • Principal Grant

    Tracy Strieder - Lincoln Elementary

  • Principal Grant

    Patricia Grupp/Laura Christensen - Warren

  • Principal Grant

    Jory Hardman - Jefferson Traditional

  • Principal Grant

    Patricia Karban - Darden Elementary

  • Professional Development Grant

    Amy Troyer- Swanson Traditional

  • Professional Development Grant

    Tisha Reed/Cindy Osler/Ann Pinard-Missard - Nuner Fine Arts