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What We Do

Major Saver Cards

Every year, we offer Major Saver cards to raise money for the South Bend Community Schools. In the past five years with this program, over $100,000 have been raised that go straight back to participating schools. These cards are only $10 each AND offer over $100 in savings at various local businesses. 50% of each purchased card goes to benefit participating schools.

Our cards for the new year are available to order. We have some new sponsors along with some of our longtime favorite friends in the community. You can go online ( and order one, or inquire at one of our participating schools. 

This years participating schools are 

Clay International Academy                                                     Dickinson Fine Arts                         

Edison Middle School                                                                  Hay Elementary

Jefferson Middle Traditional                                                    Madison STEAM Academy

Marquette Montessori                                                                 McKinley Elementary

Muessel Elementary                                                                     Nuner Fine Arts

Swanson Elementary