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One Child. One Hour. One Day a Week.

Do You Have an Hour a Week to Meet with a Child of South Bend Schools? Mentoring means, “getting to know another individual and then acting as a support for that person.” Each child is unique with different needs. The need for positive self-esteem is addressed through the mentor’s acceptance of the child as a worthy human being. Children profit from the wisdom, guidance and attention that the mentor gives them.

Mentoring Process:

1) Mentors will be asked to volunteer one (1) hour per week at the student’s school at lunch.

2) For the safety and protection of all children, a completed application form (above) must be submitted annually giving permission for a criminal background check.

*Starting school year 2018-19 ALL returning mentors must fill out a new application(references not required) authorizing SBCSC to run the mandatory annual background check needed to volunteer in the schools.

3) Mentors will be assigned a thirty minute training session.

4) Both mentors and students will matched based on interest information.