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Sharon Fisko

Sharon Fisko Endowment

"She loved her students with the perfect, simple yet strong gifts of expectation, support, and joy, never feeling a student or family too far gone or behind."


Sharon Fisko was a beloved teacher who adored each and every one of her students. She was a Kindergarten teachers from 1985 to 2003. Her son reflects on his loving mother and master teacher: "In my youth, it was after almost every weekday dinner during the school year that my mother would settle into her comfortable chair, legs tucked into a blanket, and splay open her brown, weekly lesson planner. She, of course, knew all the things, backward and forward, that she intensely wanted her students to experience and learn. But, she would sit there and review the master plan, making notes about the pupils who would need her extra special attention given how they were learning, how they were feeling, and what life was throwing at them at such a young age. Patient and skilled, mothering and mindful, meticulous and creative, Sharon Fisko built classrooms that cried out, "Explore with me!" and "Always remember!", "Can you imagine?" and "I think you are wonderful!" The Sharon Fisko Teacher Endowment was created in 2021 in her memory to support Kindergarten programming at Muessel Elementary with a focus on helping build a positive relationship with students' parents/guardians.