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What We Do

What We Do

Teacher Grants-19 Named Teacher Grants and several Principal and Professional Development Grants are awarded annually.

Teacher Store & Teacher Wish Lists Presented by the AEP Foundation-Through a generous matching grant from the AEP Foundation, we are able to support teachers of SBCSC with basic items through our Teacher Store and with grade or subject specific items through our Teacher Wish List Program.

CTE Naming Rights- Area businesses are able to support Career and Technical Education Classrooms through a five-year annual commitment. A great example of this is the South Bend International Airport Aviation Flight and Operations CTE Program.

Wilson Fundations Reading Program- This reading program for our youngest students (Pre-K-3rd) supports reading intervention and foundational learning. The Wilson-Saunders Family (no relation to the program) has been a generous contributor to this program since it's early years.

Graduation-The Foundation solicits sponsors to support high school graduations to ensure a high-quality, memorable ceremony for all our students and their families.

Mentor Program-The Foundation has been active in supporting the Mentor Program in SBCSC.

Additional Requests for Support - the Foundation fields additional requests for support in a variety of areas annually. These include state and national level competitions for our students, programs and activities that support and enhance the learning experiences, special recognitions for teachers or students, and fine arts opportunities which this year included supporting our freshman attending the South Bend Civic Theatre's production of Westside Story at the Morris Performing Arts Center.

Each of these areas of support are special in that they enrich the learning experience, provide resources to our students and teachers, offer unique experiences to our students or extend the learning environment beyond the classroom building life skills.