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James Wilson

Dr. James M. Wilson Teacher Grant


"Whatever it Takes" was a mantra Dr. Wilson believed in to provide a level playing field for local children. He particularly enjoyed the reading program at Hay Primary school. His efforts are continued through his endowment to continue to provide a better education for SBCSC students.


Dr. James Wilson (1916-2004), a retired surgeon, became the first President of the Education Foundation and served in that position from 1995-1998. Dr. Wilson remained on the Board of Directors for the next four years. He was dedicated to providing good education to the children of the South Bend community. Jim often visited the “Light Bulb Lane” reading pilot at Hay Primary School, and would smile at the success that was evident on the children’s faces. Both he and his wife, Marjorie, worked effortlessly in the Foundation’s beginnings to make it what it is today. Many of the programs Jim and Marj helped to start have continued to improve the education of South Bend’s children. In his memory, The "James M. Wilson Endowment Fund" was established in 2004.


Since this endowment was established, 15 grants have been given in James Wilson's name totaling $20,018.71 benefitting 3,163 students.