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Teacher Grants

Teacher Grants

Who can apply for a Teacher Grant?

  • Teacher grants are available to certified professionals in SBCSC including the Empowerment Zone Schools or are employed by SBCSC and partner with a SBCSC certified professional  in the academic year)
  • You have an idea that can enhance student learning in your classroom or school that aligns directly to Indiana K-12 Academic Standards.
  • You need between $500-$1,500 for this project
  • You have a plan to track the impact of this project on student learning and will be able to share this information at the conclusion of the project.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Teacher Grants may be used for classroom or building wide. They cannot be used for travel or professional development. If this interests you, apply for the Professional Development Grant. They cannot be used for stipends or compensation.
  • Please do not use acronyms in your application. Spell out every word.


How are Teacher Grant applications scored? Click on Rubric for details

The 2024-2025 Teacher Grant application will open on December 1, 2023!

The application will close on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 4 p.m. 

Questions on Application/Information requested

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Your School or Building Name
  • What type of grant are you applying for?
  • Is this for a single classroom or is it building-wide?
  • If you have additional team members you would like to include, please add their contact information
  • Project Title
  • Academic Content Area
  • Target Grades
  • Indiana Academic Standards or Improvement Priorities Addressed
  • Approximate number of students who will benefit
  • Project Start/End Date
  • Does your project involve technology?

    If so, you will need verification from Patrick Stalvey for all technology grant requests.

  • Is parent/guardian approval needed?
  • Does your project involve installation?

    If so, You will need verification from Mike Szymanski

  • Contact information for your school principal or the contact that will be signing off on your grant application

    An email from Kaleidoscope will automatically go out to them with prompts on how to submit their project approval. Please note: you should reach out to them to confirm they have received this communication

  • Briefly describe the proposed project. Include how it will be tied to the Indiana Academic Standards or to the priorities established by your School Improvement Plan
  • Indiana Academic Standard
  • Anticipated Measurable Outcomes
  • How will you measure this?
  • Other anticipated outcomes that may not be measurable
  • Could this project be replicated in other locations?

    If yes, how could this be done?

  • Outline ways that your project might help raise the profile of the South Bend Education Foundation.
  • Upload your budget document
  • Your total budget / grant request amount

South Bend Education Foundation grants $21,000 dollars worth of teacher grants annually. These grants are a result of multiple family endowments held at the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, that were created and have grown over the years. 

Thank you to the families that established the following grants which allow us to support our students and schools.