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Teacher / Principal / Professional Development

Grant Applications for the 2024-2025 School Year Will Be Open Until 4pm on April 10, 2024!


Did you know that every teacher and principal in SBCSC is eligible to apply for a grant? The South Bend Education Foundation holds endowment funds invested with The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County (CFSJC). The CFSJC Endowments provide over $25,000 in teacher and principal grants. Funds held in an Indiana Trust Endowment provide for two $2,500 professional development grants.

Teacher Grants are for certified professionals in SBCSC, including Empowerment Zone Schools. Your idea must enhance student learning in your classroom or school that and must align directly to Indiana K-12 Academic Standards. Grants range between $500.00 - $1,500.00

Principal Grants are for building administrators in SBCSC, including Empowerment Zone Schools. Your idea must enhance student learning in your building and align directly to Indiana K-12 Academic Standards. There are five $1,000.00 grants issued. 

Professional Development Grants are for full-time certified professionals in SBCSC, including the Empowerment Zone Schools. This may include teachers, social workers, librarians, psychologists, administrators, and/or school nurses. Any Conference or workshop sponsored by a state, regional, or national professional association or institution related to your role in the corporation is eligible. Professional Development Grants are for up to $2,500 each. 

Before you apply:

  • Do you know what kind of grant you are seeking?
  • Does the grant meet one of the  grant categories?
  • Does your project align with state standards or school improvement goal?
  • Does your principal or supervisor approve of the project?
  • Does the project require installation from the maintenance team?
  • Does it involve technology?
  • Do you have an idea of where to obtain items and approximate budget?
  • Do you know how you are going to measure impact?
  • Grant applications must be complete with all questions answered, and principal/supervisor approval given, to be considered.
  • Applicants must use the provided budget spreadsheet (located within the application or below).


Grant Budget Template

Well-Written Grant Examples

PowerPoint from Back-to-School U with what the Grant Committee looks for in an application

We would like to congratulate the following 2023-2024 Grant Recipients: 

Shannon Barrett -Warren Elementary School -Classroom Novel Set -Mark Tulchinsky Teacher Grant

Deborah Blower-Darden Elementary School -Reach for the Stars-Darden Students Love to Read -James M. Wilson and Marjorie Wilson Teacher Grants

Meg Brewer-Nuner Fine Arts Academy -Building Vocabulary and Phonetic Awareness Skills -David F. Hendrix Teacher Grant

Tony Chelminiak-Adams High School -Weight Room Update -Kurt Simon Teacher Grant

Kendra Clayton-Coquillard Elementary School -Spanish/English Library -Maritza Robles Bilingual Teacher Grant

Meg Conners-Swanson Traditional School -STEM Bins for Kindergarten Students -Bauer Early Childhood Development Teacher Grant

Heather Ducharme-Adams High School -Putting on Musical -Nancy Tarnow Bartles Fine Arts Teacher Grant

Kevin Graham-Adams High School -Guitar Ensemble Method -Mark Tulchinsky Teacher Grant

Ashley Holbert-McKinley Elementary School -Book Boxes -Roland Kelly Language Arts Teacher Grant

Kiasha Jones-Marquette Montessori School -Classroom Material for Practical Life & More -Bauer Early Childhood Development Teacher Grant

Marci Katzenberger-Riley High School -Dry Clay for Ceramics Class -Karen Schirmer & James D Metz Fine Arts Teacher Grants

Debra Koscher-McKinley Elementary School -Physical Education Equipment -Don & Peggy Claey's Family Teacher Grant

Lukas Long-Adams High School -Physical Education Equipment -Wenger & Porter Coaches Grant

Janelle Luther-Studebaker SNAP -Trikes for Tikes -Bob & Peg Laven Teacher Grant

Halie Neville-Darden Elementary School -Sensory Wall -Casper Warner Teacher Grant

Rachel Parker-Washington High School -AP Environmental Science Eco-Columns -James M. Wilson Teacher Grant

Lauren Riggs-Marshall Traditional School -Makerspace Tools and Materials -Don & Peggy Claey's Family Teacher Grant

Kelly Rock-Clay High School -Virtual Reality for Narrative Writing -M. Mendel Piser Teacher Grant

Dr. John Van Dyke-Jackson Middle School -Rock Band KIDS: Keeping Kids in Tune Through Rock & Roll -Patricia Tollens Fine Arts Teacher Grant

LaQuesha Williams-Wilson Elementary School -Skydome Planetarium -Ann & Fred Dean Science Teacher Grant

Tracy Zahl-Clay High School -Vocational Classroom -Bob & Peg Laven Teacher Grant

Amy Schaeffer, LaQuesha Williams, Megan Twietmeyer, Christina Miller-Professional Development Grants

Kemilyn Schreiber, Niesha Phillips-Principal Grants